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From.Asia / For.Asia

DotAsia LogoDotAsia Organisation is a not-for-profit, community membership-based organization incorporated as a “limited by guarantee and not having a share capital” corporation (in Hong Kong). As a not-for-profit organization, DotAsia has a core mandate to promote Internet development and adoption in Asia. Since the launch of the “.Asia” TLD through 2007 and 2008, DotAsia has contributed funds and support to many different Community Projects around Asia.

“From.Asia/For.Asia” is our philosophy. DotAsia was created based on a collaboration among the Internet community From Asia, and our works contribute to community development For Asia. We also believe that the “.Asia” domain is a valuable asset equally for those coming From Asia as well as those looking For Asia.

Asia has developed into a global force in the international commercial, political and cultural network. DotAsia Organisation is dedicated to the needs of the community with a vision of leveraging the successful, collaborative atmosphere and network among the Asia Internet community to create a globally visible Internet domain as a cyberspace that belongs to Asia, and a platform that would contribute in accelerating the overall growth of the region.

Besides the charitable and public interest initiatives that support DotAsia’s vision of regional collaboration, the “.Asia” domain aspires to embrace this dynamism in the Asia Century to become a nucleus, intersection and breeding ground for Internet activity and development in the region.

DotAsia is the Sponsoring Organization and Registry Operator for the .Asia Sponsored Generic Top Level Domain (TLD). DotAsia oversees the policies and governance of the “.Asia” TLD Registry. DotAsia is committed to building a strong foundation of active usage and traffic to “.Asia” domain names. Every “.Asia” domain name helps support Internet development in Asia, and the adoption of “.Asia” domain names is at the heart of our mission. To register a “.Asia” domain name, please visit one of our Accredited Registrars.

The DotAsia Story

The beginnings of the “.Asia” initiative can be attributed back to the discussions started in 2000 around the interest to establish a regional TLD “.AP” ( It was quickly identified that there are many regional organisations in the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific region, yet unlike in Europe, there is no pan-governmental organisation like the European Union (EU), and such is unlikely to be formed in a meaningful horizon. Furthermore, the code “AP”, although not used at the moment, is a reserved code for “African Regional Industrial Property Organization” based on ISO3166 (, and ICANN views 2-character TLDs to be reserved for ccTLDs.

Che-Hoo & the DotAsia Bidding Team
Che-Hoo & the DotAsia Bidding Team

Discussions and interests of an Asia focused TLD registry continued intermittently during informal discussions within the community. In fact, additional attempts were put forward by different organisations and individuals, including an initiative from Korea, another one from the ASEAN countries, and still another to repurpose the “.AS” TLD as a regional domain. In late 2002 during the ITU Asia conference in Hong Kong, informal discussions began to intensify as the conditions ripen for “.Asia” to become established. These efforts were further propelled by the discussions at ICANN for a new round of Sponsored gTLDs. Throughout 2003, the concept began to take shape as informal discussions continued during different regional and international conferences. Among the active proponents is Che-Hoo Cheng, who is a long time participant in the Internet community in Asia. Che-Hoo work especially hard as a volunteer and served as DotAsia’s Interim CEO to kick-start the initiative.

On December 15, 2003, ICANN announced a Request For Proposal (RFP) for Sponsored Top Level Domain Names ( The “.Asia” initiative immediately accelerated and started to formalize. As identified in the early beginnings back in 2000, no existing organisation was chartered to particularly suit in spearheading the initiative. Further, as discussions gradually materialise from informal conversations into the formation of a movement towards a response to the RFP from ICANN, a structure for a new sponsoring organisation emerged that would be open to many different organisations in the region to participate. This not only ensured a broad participation but also a critical knowledge base for managing a TLD registry with particular experience in managing public resources that balances the interests of public authorities and the community at large.

.Asia ICANN Agreement Signing Ceremony
.Asia ICANN Agreement Signing Ceremony

When the proposal was submitted to ICANN on March 16 2004, 7 ccTLDs: .CN, .ID, .JP, .MO, .NU, .TW and .VN, as well as 2 regional Internet organizations: APNIC and APNG already participated as members. Thereafter, recruitment of members continued, and as of 2005, there are already 20 participating ccTLDs (including .KZ, .TJ & .UZ from Central Asia, .AF, .BT, .IN & .IR from South Asia, .KH, .PH & .SG from South-East Asia, .KR & .MN from East Asia and .NZ from Pacific) along with 4 regional organisations: APNIC, APNG, APTLD and PAN/IDRC. The DotAsia proposal was finally approved by the ICANN board on December 4, 2005 ( at the Vancouver ICANN meetings and the DotAsia Sponsored gTLD agreement was signed one year later on December 7, 2006 ( at the Sao Paulo ICANN meetings.

The formation of DotAsia is truly a bottom-up community-based initiative that was not created or mandated by any government or particular existing organisation or constituency. Rather it was a grassroots initiative that gradually gained the support from a broad and diverse range of well-established organisations in the region.

Vision & Mission

The vision of DotAsia is to create a globally visible domain that embodies the successful, cooperative atmosphere established within the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific Internet community to accelerate the overall growth of the region.

The mission of DotAsia is:

  • To sponsor, establish and operate a regional Internet namespace with global recognition and regional significance, dedicated to the needs of the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific Internet community.
  • To reinvest surpluses in socio-technological advancement initiatives relevant to the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific Internet community; and,
  • To operate a viable not-for-profit initiative that is a technically advanced, world-class TLD registry for the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific community.

Community Projects & Contribution

DotAsia Organisation is dedicated to its mandate of promoting Internet development and adoption in Asia. Following the DotAsia vision of a collaborative Asia, we believe in community engagement and contribution and in partnerships with not-for-profit organizations to implement community projects. Besides Community Projects that DotAsia proactively support and develop, a portion of the proceeds from registrations (or renewals) of “.Asia” domains is set aside directly for community projects in partnership with Sponsor Members of DotAsia: [Sponsor Community Projects (SCP)].

DotAsia Community Projects Fall under the following 4 umbrellas:

DotAsia Projects Community projects supported directly by DotAsia.
NetMission Ambassador Projects NetMission.Asia is a flagship youth and Internet governance initiative launched by DotAsia in 2009. Building on the alumni since then, different ongoing projects have been launched under the NetMission.Asia umbrella, including for example, the YIGF Camp, NetY and iCity.
Go.Asia Projects Go.Asia is another flagship initiative launched and led by DotAsia since 2012. Consolidating the efforts from Relief.Asia which was launched in 2008, Go.Asia is a platform promoting volunteerism (beyond just directly Internet related issues) with a philosophy that “Every Act Counts”.
Community Sponsored Projects Sponsor Community Projects are supported through the direct contribution funds in partnership with Sponsor Members.


In general, DotAsia is committed towards Community Projects meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Digital inclusion related projects to bridge the digital divide and help the digitally disadvantaged, especially in poverty relief and advancement of education
  • Educational initiatives, advancing of a domain of knowledge, scholarships and other open knowledge programs (such as open license educational materials), especially projects leveraging the Internet
  • Research and development efforts that are charitable in nature and beneficial to the community, including projects such as socio-technical research, open source development, disaster relief and rebuild efforts especially on information infrastructure support, etc.
Community Projects
  • Asian Films Awards: The Oscars of Asia Asian Films Awards: The Oscars of Asia
    Inaugurated in 2007, the Asian Film Awards (AFA) celebrates excellence in Asian cinema through the annual presentation of awards to the many diverse talents and films that make up the dynamic film industries of the region. Awards night is a spectacular gathering of celebrities, industry professionals and the media that highlights and publicizes the year’s […]
  • iCity.Asia: ICT Powered Future for the Network Generation iCity.Asia: ICT Powered Future for the Network Generation
    The “iCity” initiative is supported by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) of the HKSAR and organized by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, with DotAsia Organisation as a Cooperating Partner. iCity is a series of events with a core mission to encourage secondary school students in Hong Kong to consider taking more […]
  • Go.Asia: Every Act Counts! Go.Asia: Every Act Counts!
    Go.Asia — — is a charitable initiative launched by DotAsia and spearheaded by Hong Kong Martial Arts Superstar Donnie Yen and his wife, Ms. Cissy Wang. The vision of Go.Asia is that “Every Act Counts”, with an aim to improve society through collective and individual efforts. Go.Asia comprises shared information and materials related to […]
  • MandelaDay.Asia MandelaDay.Asia
    Mandela Day Asia — — brings the Mandela Day Campaign to Asia. The Mandela Day campaign message is simple: Mr Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity. All we are asking is that everyone gives 67 minutes of their time, whether it’s supporting your chosen charity or by […]
  • GNOME.Asia: One of the World’s Most popular Linux GUI GNOME.Asia: One of the World’s Most popular Linux GUI
    GNOME.Asia Summit — — is Asia’s GNOME user and developer conference, spreading the knowledge of GNOME across Asia.  The event focuses primarily on the GNOME desktop and other devices that use GNOME, and also covers GNOME-based applications and GNOME development platform tools. It brings together the GNOME community in Asia to provide a forum […]
  • DigitalReview.Asia DigitalReview.Asia
    Digital Review of Asia Pacific — — aims to develop an online collaborative space and to facilitate a global community of researchers and writers in using social collaborative techniques of crowd-sourcing and generic Web 2.0 tools, for continually reviewing, analyzing, forecasting and reporting on ICT/D issues in the developing countries. This site is built […]
  • FRD.Asia: Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution Day FRD.Asia: Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution Day
    The Food Revolution has penetrated across Asia — — including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Turkey. (Click here for reference .) The Food Revolution Day is a chance for people who love food to come together to share information, talents and resources; […]
  • UGames.Asia: Visiting Universiad 2011 in Shenzhen UGames.Asia: Visiting Universiad 2011 in Shenzhen
    全港學生撐大運 — | www.撐大運.asia — 為支持深圳2011第二十六屆世界大學生夏季運動會,為國家和本地運動員打氣,以及更了解體育運動和發揚運動堅毅精神,香港青年學生動力將組織8000名中學生及大專院校學生,將於大運會期間前往深圳觀看比賽。 世界大學生運動會 (Universiad) 是由國際大學生體育聯合會主辦的世界大型綜合性運動會,只限在校大學生和畢業不超過兩年的大學畢業生參加。因此,素有「小奧運會」之稱的「大運會」是一場世界級優秀年輕運動員的聚會,受到世界各國高度重視,其規模和影響十分巨大。繼2001年第二十一屆中國北京大運會之後,中國深圳將於今年8月舉辦第二十六屆世界大學生運動會。預計參加國家超過160個。
  • APRICOT-APAN.Asia: The Largest Internet Conference in Asia APRICOT-APAN.Asia: The Largest Internet Conference in Asia
    APRICOT-APAN 2011, Hong Kong — — was the first ever joint event of APRICOT and APAN that made it the biggest Internet conference in Asia. The APRICOT (Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies) — — is a prestigious regional event of the ICT industry, which began in 1996. Held annually, the […]
  • CityDash.Asia CityDash.Asia
    DSF City Dash — — is a signature fundraising event of the DIGITAL SOLIDARITY FUND (DSF:, which was established by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) in 2004 to empower disadvantaged groups to use information and communication technologies (ICT) as tools to exercise their full capacities as citizens in the information […]
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