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In the News
  • A LEAP for SME standards - The Star Online September 11, 2017
    The Star OnlineA LEAP for SME standardsThe Star OnlineCommerce DotAsia Ventures Sdn Bhd founder and executive chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah also reminded SMEs to be conservative with their valuations and to listen to the professionals managing their listing process. “An initial public offering has to be ...更多 »
  • Entrepreneurs: Don't be afraid of VCs - The Star Online August 6, 2017
    The Star OnlineEntrepreneurs: Don't be afraid of VCsThe Star OnlineVENTURE capitalists (VC) play an important role in the funding ecosystem for startups but they are often viewed with trepidation as their investments are usually made in exchange for a sizeable share of the company. But seasoned entrepreneurs say ...
  • 兒童電影節和孩子睇好戲 - 明報新聞網 (新聞發布) August 1, 2017
    兒童電影節和孩子睇好戲明報新聞網 (新聞發布)今年ELEMENTS圓方就跟DotAsia、高先電影有限公司,聯手舉辦了「第1屆香港兒童國際電影節」,放映10套合共22場兒童電影,包括《小企鵝大長征2》、《麥兜菠蘿油王子》和最新的《Emoji大冒險》等。ELEMENTS圓方商場內亦設有「童趣電影感官體驗天地」,以VR等 ...
  • 小學雞開學校 - 晴報 Sky Post July 30, 2017
    晴報 Sky Post小學雞開學校晴報 Sky Post今個暑假有幸與80名小學生齊齊發夢,多得DotAsia及DreamStarter的邀請,成為活動的評審之一。這個名為「小學雞開學校」三天夢想營的活動,是透過20多位大專生義工導師,帶領每組八位小學生,於三日內構思「夢想校園」的藍圖。 當中最令我驚喜的是小朋友對 ...更多 »
  • 首屆兒童電影節開幕七十年代《朱古力獎門人》都有得睇? - 立場新聞 July 24, 2017
    立場新聞首屆兒童電影節開幕七十年代《朱古力獎門人》都有得睇?立場新聞主辦單位之一的非牟利機構DotAsia 行政總裁鍾宏安(Edmond)解釋,「希望小朋友睇完戲都會諗下套戲噏乜」。 非牟利機構DotAsia,與高先電影有限公司及ELEMENTS 圓方,將於本周六起,一連九日在The Grand 戲院舉行22 場放映。十套放映作品分成「我的第一部 ...更多 »
  • .Asia Top-Level-Domain Introduces Simplified Registration Process - Registrants Outside of the Region Benefit - PR Newswire (press release) July 17, 2017
    .Asia Top-Level-Domain Introduces Simplified Registration Process - Registrants Outside of the Region BenefitPR Newswire (press release)HONG KONG, July 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- DotAsia Organisation, registry operator of the .Asia top-level-domain, announces new simplified registration process for .Asia domain names. Businesses and individuals acquiring .Asia names are no longer ...更多 »
  • Taiwan's Copyright Act amendment proposal comes under fire May 28, 2013
    Plans to amend Copyright Act to compel Internet service providers to block illegal content on foreign Web sites are being criticized by locals for violating their freedom of speech and rights.
    Ellyne Phneah
  • 'Multi-stakeholder' management of Internet should stay June 15, 2012
    Current framework to govern online space by ICANN, which involves policymakers and industry and technical user groups, necessary and preferred over negotiating balance of international interests, says observer.
    Kevin Kwang
  • Global IPv6 adoption slow to take off June 6, 2012
    Global adoption of IPv6 is slow and shows few signs of accelerating soon. We look at the state of play on the ground in Australia, the UK and Asia, in a round-up from ZDNet reporters around the world.
    Josh Taylor
  • Asia sees uneven IPv6 adoption May 30, 2012
    China and Japan leading region in migrating to new protocol while India and South Korea lagging behind, with user mentality and service availability main reasons for slow uptake, observers note.
    Ellyne Phneah
  • SMBs can reap cost savings with gTLDs November 24, 2011
    Generic top-level domains promise cost savings, particularly in marketing and advertising, for small and midsize businesses but awareness still low, domain registry CEO observes.
    Ellyne Phneah
  • Domain keepers ponder free malware scans August 17, 2011
    Free malware scanning offered to owners of upcoming .xxx top-level domain sets precedence that operators say they're keen to emulate, but observers note that several factors impact effectiveness.
    Vivian Yeo
  • gTLDs can boost APAC biz online standing July 6, 2011
    Regional companies ought to look into using generic top-level domains to boost online presence and better position their brands with customers, say industry insiders. One watcher predicts initial uptake will be slow, however.
    Jamie Yap
  • Uniting World Wide Web with gTLDs June 27, 2011
    Generic top-level domains such as .Asia or .XXX will not lead to fragmented, even gated, Web but can help unite diverse communities with unique views on single platform, says DotAsia CEO.
    Kevin Kwang
  • ICANN to ramp domain name variations dramatically: Business headaches likely June 20, 2011
    ICANN voted to "dramatically increase" the number of Internet address endings from the 22 today. In other words, domains such as .com, .org and .net can multiply into new monikers that can be created in any language or script. Businesses will have to assess ICANN's new system.
    Larry Dignan
  • Councilor: US power over ICANN merely 'moral' June 17, 2011
    Despite inking the Affirmation of Commitments with U.S. marking ICANN as independent entity, it remains under U.S. purview but power country exerts is limited, says ICANN councilor.
    Kevin Kwang
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  • Asian Films Awards: The Oscars of Asia Asian Films Awards: The Oscars of Asia
    Inaugurated in 2007, the Asian Film Awards (AFA) celebrates excellence in Asian cinema through the annual presentation of awards to the many diverse talents and films that make up the dynamic film industries of the region. Awards night is a spectacular gathering of celebrities, industry professionals and the media that highlights and publicizes the year’s […]
  • iCity.Asia: ICT Powered Future for the Network Generation iCity.Asia: ICT Powered Future for the Network Generation
    The “iCity” initiative is supported by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) of the HKSAR and organized by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, with DotAsia Organisation as a Cooperating Partner. iCity is a series of events with a core mission to encourage secondary school students in Hong Kong to consider taking more […]
  • Go.Asia: Every Act Counts! Go.Asia: Every Act Counts!
    Go.Asia — — is a charitable initiative launched by DotAsia and spearheaded by Hong Kong Martial Arts Superstar Donnie Yen and his wife, Ms. Cissy Wang. The vision of Go.Asia is that “Every Act Counts”, with an aim to improve society through collective and individual efforts. Go.Asia comprises shared information and materials related to […]
  • MandelaDay.Asia MandelaDay.Asia
    Mandela Day Asia — — brings the Mandela Day Campaign to Asia. The Mandela Day campaign message is simple: Mr Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity. All we are asking is that everyone gives 67 minutes of their time, whether it’s supporting your chosen charity or by […]
  • GNOME.Asia: One of the World’s Most popular Linux GUI GNOME.Asia: One of the World’s Most popular Linux GUI
    GNOME.Asia Summit — — is Asia’s GNOME user and developer conference, spreading the knowledge of GNOME across Asia.  The event focuses primarily on the GNOME desktop and other devices that use GNOME, and also covers GNOME-based applications and GNOME development platform tools. It brings together the GNOME community in Asia to provide a forum […]
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